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What do you know about borderline personality disorder, men and debt?

Financial manipulation by untreated bpd partners is common. Your false demonization will be used to justify the shxtstorm coming in your direction now and for years to come. Any statements, any commitments, any agreements, any promises, any stated goals will all be denied when your untreated partner shifts to a new identity. All agreements that the previous constructed character made will be denied and deflected. Any pursuit by the partner who has been ripped off will be depicted by the untreated partner as stalking and you will be reported to the police after you have been blocked. These are unstable, not mentally well folks who know no boundaries and during demonization have no moral or ethical compass. They will cycle and betray the acting in good faith partner at the drop of a hat. When that identity shift lands its all over except for your debt. DO NOT MAKE ANY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS IN OR WITH ANY UNTREATED BPD PARTNER. You will regret it.

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