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Is it okay for the sponsor for my F-1 visa to be a friend, not a?

It doesnt matter who they are. The U.S. State Department requires documentation that a sponsor can and will provide the necessary funds for an F-1 visa applicant. For an applicant making his initial entry to the United States or seeking a change in visa status, a U.S. sponsor must provide a notarized affidavit of support and either a federal income tax return or a letter from an employer affirming the sponsors salary. A sponsor abroad for such an applicant must submit a guarantee letter of support in addition to financial statements. A self-sponsor needs only those recent financial statements. For an F-1 student seeking to transfer between educational programs, the sponsor must provide a recent bank statement to show the ability to pay for the new program. I dont think Credit will work. They need bank account(s) with enough cash to satisfy your expected expenses.

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