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How long does someone have to report a new job to the Department of?

I watched the mother of my exhusbands first child try to prove his income for the entire time we were married. She was righthis income was almost 3xs what he reported and the magistrate couldnt stand him BC they knew it. The magistrate said if you have no job, how do you have that Rolex and my exhusband took the watch off and threw it across the table, sell it then. I watched my exhusband literally go after the custody of his first daughter just so he didnt have to pay 40 bucks/month for her, when he wasnt even raising our children,so Im assuming he thought I was going to raise her? You cant do anything if they hide income. If the issue is such a biggie, than you may hire a financial pathologist, but is it that much of a biggie? After all of the garbage I saw between child support case #1, I didnt even bother with it. He does lie but eventually hell pay the price. My two oldest boys went after him hard for a long time over this issue.i am so glad theyve grown out of it. Once a loser always a loser. If someone is so desperate that they have to screw a child over, than they need it more than any child of mine!

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